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Mazzucato Design RIM Reversible Watches

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The watchmaking sector will never be the same again following the release of the Mazzucato RIM ?the fake watch designed by Simone Mazzucato, creative director and founder of the brand that bears his name. The brand's ambitions are instantly apparent from its slogan 'Never Boring?and aim to completely reinvent the fake watch market with products based on a truly innovative concept. The first design to bear his name is RIM. Designed entirely in Italy, this fake watch demonstrates the full extent of Simone Mazzucato's talent for innovation. The name RIM ?Reverse Industrial Movement ?refers both to the aesthetic style of the fake watch and its stand-out feature: its unique reversible mechanism.

The most striking thing about RIM is the design, which takes inspiration from the world of motor racing, where everything is honed down to the smallest detail, and every last component is designed for high-level performance. The first reference to this sector can be seen on the dial, where an anodized aluminium graphic element clearly recalls the alloy rims of sports prototype race cars. Interestingly, this element is located between the hands and the dial, an area usually left clear, a decision that again shows Simone's ability to depart from tradition.

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Sports references can be seen in other details too. The spokes connect to a circular inner ring that recalls the inside section of a car's rims. The Sunray dial, with its 3D-printed Arabic indexes, appears suspended in mid-air, and gives the fake watch the impression of depth, allowing the wearer to see through it. This is an effect inspired by disc brakes, which are positioned behind the rims. The super-slim, automatic and high-beat 3.90mm 3Hz fake watch movement ensures 28,800 vph, making the hand movement extremely fluid and, thanks to the 24 jewels, highly accurate with an impressive 42-hour power reserve. The chronograph watch, meanwhile, has a quartz movement, designed for optimal measurement.

The design may be the stand-out feature, but the materials the fake watch is made from are also noteworthy. The hypoallergenic 316L surgical steel case features an alternating glossy and brushed metal effect. The K1 mineral glass is scratch-resistant and has an anti-glare treatment, and the graphic elements are made of anodized aluminium. The strap is made of two-tone FKM and, like the dial, has been designed with attention to detail. The inside of the short side contains the Mazzucato logo, the name of the collection and the origin of the design, while the inside of the long side displays the technical specifications, the reference number (laser inscribed), and the movement's beat rate. The double Z, the brand's hallmark, can also be made out, and is also found on the top side. None of the colors (black, red, rose gold, and khaki) pass unnoticed, revealing the clear influence of Italian fashion.

But the true product concept, to which the name refers, is RIM's dual analogue and chronograph fake watch function. This concept is designed to symbolize the two different ways we relate to time: daily life and normality can turn into a challenge and performance in the blink of an eye. An analogue fake watch that becomes a chronograph watch. Routine that becomes adrenaline. A 'Never Boring?approach to life. The 'Reverse?system allows the case imitation Rolex GMT-Master to be inverted fully in both directions. A quick-release catch (another link to the world of motor racing, recalling the way wings are unfastened in the pit stop) releases the crown from its protection by rotating the crown protector. Two special arms allow the case to rotate freely, and a clearly recognizable click tells you when the case is in the correct position to be locked back into place. It's a simple maneuver that transforms RIM into an elegant and sporty chronograph watch.

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The chronograph side has a multi-layer dial, with each counter attached with two screws to the inner ring that dominates the Sunray dial. The three counters are labelled with the time periods they measure: a disc-shaped pointer measures 60 seconds at 12 o'clock, a pointer at 4 o'clock measures 30 minutes, and another circular pointer at 8 o'clock measures 24 hours. A striking sweeping second hand sits above the counters, at the center of the dial. RIM is water-resistant down to 50m.

The starting retail price is $1,200 USD. In this initial launch phase, the fake watch can be found on sale in major cities in the Far East, a market that has always been drawn to high-tech, extremely innovative products, and specifically in the best shops in Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, and Japan. Moreover, the company's expansion plan will soon see it reach the Middle East, beginning in Doha, Qatar. RIM is now available to buy worldwide on the main website. You can follow all the latest news about the product on the Mazzucato 'Never Boring?Facebook page and on Instagram. mazzucatoworld.com

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